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Mattire Cork Yoga Block (Out of Stock)
Cork Yoga Block UK

Mattire Cork Yoga Block (Out of Stock)

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Yogis need their blocks to be light, lovely to touch and eco-friendly. Sure those pvc ones are light and  cheap but they last thousands of  years in landfill. So when you're in triconasana and you want to grab a block  to move to half moon-  reach for this light one instead!

Eco friendly- cork is a renewable material. Fully biodegradable. Packaged with no plastic.

Grippy- the natural surface is very grippy, and gets better with sweat. Paddle boarders use cork surfaced boards now! Which just shows it makes a very grippy surface grippier when wet! 

Dimensions: 224 x 145 x 771 mm

Comes without plastic packaging.

No quibble returns as long as you've not used it to death or vandalised it or something! Just post it back within 30 days for a full refund.