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We are a UK based company selling yoga mats, made from natural cork backed with natural tree rubber.

Our eco-friendly yoga mats are biodegradable and completely sustainable, meaning they can be safety returned to the earth after use – unlike conventional yoga mats, which are too often packed with synthetic plastics and chemicals.

We believe cork is the perfect surface for your yoga mat, as its antimicrobial properties resist mould and mildew and kill sweaty smells. 

If, like me, you love to get a sweat on during yoga, our eco-friendly yoga mats are your saviour. Made from smooth cork and a natural, sustainable rubber base, they're super grippy so you won't struggle in downward dog.

And because we believe in giving back we donate £5.00 to charity for every yoga mat we sell.

I’m Jon Davies and I've recently acquired Mattire from the founder and yogi, Anne Mundy.

Although I started experimenting with Hatha yoga almost 50 years ago, I've never been much of a yogi until a few years ago when a series of events led me to reexamine my life. I decided to live more simply and consciously, reconnect to the earth and grow my own food, and try and reduce my carbon footprint.

It was then yoga reentered my life. I discovered a wonderful yoga teacher who reignited my love for this ancient practice and taught me correct form. Yoga has now become so important to me, it nourishes my body, my mind and my soul.

I co-own a web development company, but was looking for something that complemented my my beliefs and passions, so it was opportune that I came across the Mattire store for sale.

Natural cork yoga mats are good for you and the planet. Ready to make the change? Grab your all-natural cork yoga mat here.