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Sweaty Vinyasa Flow - see how grippy the cork mat gets!

I totally recommend this little flow to build up a sweat and prepare your body for meditation.


5 sun salutation As

5 sun salutation Bs


Twist and sweat-

Take a chair pose and twist to the right with hands in prayer. Breathe 5 times.

Step it back into a revolved side angle pose. Pause for longer than you want to(!)

Change it up to a side angle pose sans twist. Breathe!

Place your hands down either side of your front foot and take that foot up and back for a three legged down dog.

Knee to nose, knee to left elbow, knee to right elbow. Repeat this three times and consider going down to your forearms if you want to make it less intense for your wrists.

Vinyasa and to the other side.

Balance section-

I always play about with a balance or two because the focus it requires really takes my mind off my day and into the present moment.

Try standing on one leg and putting your foot that's in the air across your standing thigh like a figure of four. Possibly squat down. Possibly put your hands on the floor. Possibly go up into an arm balance. 


Warm down-

A home practice is not complete without a tin style stretch at the end. I recommended reclined spinal twists after a twisty flow like this one. And  ever ever miss savasana- it's the reason yoga helps you mentally. Stay still, breathe observe your thoughts and feelings and well done!

Love Anne

Anne is an E-RYT 200 teacher and founder of Yoga Quota a Hadith to make yoga accessible for vulnerable people. She loves to teach chair yoga and rocks a sweaty, asana focussed flow at home!


Try using the earth mat for sweaty palms and see how grippy it gets!