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Pleased to meet you...

I am excited to be the new owner of Mattire and grateful to Anne for all the hard work and love she has put in to getting Mattire up and running. I fell in love with the mat as soon as I used one and it has now replaced my Manduka yoga mat as my mat of choice. It's so light, so easy to carry to class, and the cork material is so tactile! 

I was super excited when Anne agreed to sell the business to me and pledge to continue the ethos of sustainability and ecological awareness as well as continuing to pledge a portion of each yoga mat sale to charity.

I'm perhaps not your stereotypical yogi. I'm a bit sweary and opinionated and my lifestyle hasn't always been that yogic! I have, however, always been interested in ancient philosophy including Buddhism and the Vedas as well as Stoicism.

Although I first took up yoga almost 50 years ago it hasn't featured hugely in my life until a few years ago when I realised I needed to take greater care of my aging self. Yoga not only nourishes and strengthens my physical body, it nourishes my mind and soul.