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Life is difficult

Life is difficult.

We spend our days trying to accomplish a series of “have to’s”, things we feel we have to achieve before we consider our day a success.

It’s difficult to fit in a yoga practice (or any other practice for that matter) when we set such unrealistic goals for ourselves. Whether you practice for 5 minutes or 2 hours a day or once a week, it doesn’t matter. Do what you can but commit to it and do it fully and mindfully.

Initially I started practicing yoga when I was young and pretty flexible, looking to calm an anxious mind and unknowingly at the time, searching for a more spiritual path. Then life came along, and it was many decades before I returned to this gentle and rewarding practice.

Yoga, it is said, has a positive psychological influence on the mind. It does seem to for me and coupled with regular guided meditation it’s become a critical part of how I live my life. It’s not so much an exercise routine for me, more a technique of realising oneness with reality and it has affected who I am and how I choose to live my life in so many different ways.

All you need to start practicing yoga is your entire body, your mind, and a bit of curiosity. It is not a cure all for all conditions, but it will reduce the stress encountered in day to day life, make you physically stronger and perhaps spark an interest in the spiritual roots of this ancient practice. If you're interested in adding yoga to your day-to-day life, it's strongly suggested that you find a qualified yoga instructor to start on the right path. Although yoga generally is a gentle practice, postures performed incorrectly can cause injury.

In India, yoga was studied and practiced for thousands of years, but it is not the appearance of the physical body that is the principal goal of yoga there. Hatha yoga comes from numerous unique traditions and is a powerful tool for self-transformation.

There are various forms of yoga so as you discover the ideal one for you, try out a few postures online free of charge. I can personally recommend Yoga with Adriene  and Yoga with Tim, both on YouTube. I find Adriene offers a bigger range of practices, suitable for old and young, experienced or novice (and I love her dog Benji!).

Many people believe that they have to be flexible to begin yoga, but that's a tiny bit like thinking that you ought to be in a position to play tennis to be able to take tennis lessons.

Find a form that appeals to you and commit to it.

You never know it may transform your life.