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Natural Cork Yoga Mat

Better for you, better for the planet.

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UK Cork Yoga Mat

Cork Yoga Mat £44.00

Rolling this mat out in your home or studio is a pleasure - it feels so good to practice on this high quality, light weight cork yoga mat.

Size: 1830 x 610 mm

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Yoga Beginners Starter Set £60.00

Features: One of our eco friendly cork yoga mats, One of our cork yoga blocks, 180cm yoga D-Ring strap (natural), Copy of Beginners Yoga Guide book by Katya Greer

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Cork Yoga Block £15.00

Yogis need their blocks to be light, lovely to touch and eco-friendly. Grab your eco-friendly cork yoga block here

Size: 224 x 145 x 71 mm

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Why Cork?

Cork’s natural antimicrobial properties make it ideal for a yoga mat as these properties help resist mould and sweaty smells. Our mats are beautifully smooth to the touch and, if you like to get a sweat on in your yoga practice, offer a supremely grippy surface.

It’s also a sustainable product that is both renewable and recyclable as it’s the bark of the tree that is harvested for cork products. Cork trees are never cut down, live for more than 200 years and cork is the only tree that regenerates stripped bark

Help preserve the earth’s natural resources by switching to a cork yoga mat.

For every cork yoga mat we sell we donate £5.00 to Yoga Quota, a charity that aims to bring the benefits of yoga to those that need it most.


The mat feels so good under my hands

Adam, 200hr RYT yoga teacher

The mat got grippier and grippier as I practiced it's going to look so beautiful in my yoga cabin!

Elise, Scarlet Moon

Love my new yoga mat - the grip is the best I've ever user. Highly recommend!

Rachel C-J

Eco friendly high quality yoga mat supporting the amazing yoga quota. What's not to love?!

Emma S

Yoga teacher?

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Eco friendly

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Cork facts - the remarkable journey of the cork yoga mat

Cork facts - the remarkable journey of the cork yoga mat

Every time you buy a product that uses natural cork you're making a conscious choice and helping save the Mediterranean cork forest.